4G security cameras, also called 4G  security cameras, are the mobile monitoring cameras that use 4G LTE network to deliver live viewing and send instant alerts. (Similarly, 2g/3g security cameras refer to the ones with 2g/3g network connectivity。

As the above definition indicates, 4G cellular-based CCTV cameras require a separate mobile service plan to work. And the cellular data consumption of 4G IP cameras varies, depending on how many times you watch live streaming, receive motion detection alarms, etc.

4G Security cameras application:

4G security cameras are most suitable for the isolated places where there is no Internet or power source available, such as your remote cabins, barns, farms, ranches, boats, marina, ranch, shed, second/vacation home, hotels, Airbnb rental properties, construction sites, new home build site, senior living facility, campsites, warehouses, etc.

Why Should You Choose 4G Wireless Security Camera

1.There are more benefits of 4G outdoor & indoor security cameras; No WiFi & Power Needed; 100% wire-free;  Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered; 1080p Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere. The battery powered or solar powered 4G security cameras free you from the messy cables, saving you the cost to run wires and maintaining the original décor of your property.

The initial cost the 4G security cameras might be a little high, but it would not be much of an issue considering the expenditures they have saved to set up Internet connection and run wires in your no-network property。

2.Easy to install and move. The plug and play 4G CCTV camera systems no longer require you to climb through attics or fish wires through ceilings and walls. You are also free to take and reposition the 4G LTE security cameras as you wishand versatile of the 4G video cameras can work almost anywhere within the 4G cellular network. And they can function as normal even in case of power outages.

So you are free to expand or update your 4G camera systems by adding more cameras in your desired locations;

What to Consider When Choosing 4G Security Cameras

1.Powering Options of 4G Security Cameras & Systems.

2.Smart Motion Detection & Notifications of 4G Wireless Security Cameras

You certainly want to receive instant notifications to your phone when the 4G security cameras detect any motion events, but make sure the 4G remote cameras feature accurate motion detection so that the alerts are indeed 。

If your 4G wireless security cameras send too many false alarms and trigger video recordings too frequently, they will eat up your data plan in no time. And even you buy the most expensive cellular data plans, your 4G IP cameras might only offer few hours of video recording in a single month!

The feasible ways to solve this problem include placing the 4G LTE security cameras in low-traffic areas, adjusting the motion detection sensitivity property based on your needs, etc.

Cellular Reception of 4G CCTV Cameras

4G security cameras need good cellular reception to stream live feed or send instant alerts, just as you need stable network signals in the Internet-coverage areas.

If it takes a long time for your 4G IP camera to load live streaming due to the poor cellular signals, much of your mobile data will be consumed and wasted.

Note that your 4G cameras might receive relatively weaker signals than your cell phone, as the quality of mobile communication module signals may not surpass that of your phones.

To ensure that your 4G security cameras can have good cellular reception, it is best to choose the reliable carriers in your location,

Night Vision of 4G Surveillance Cameras

As you may not regularly visit the place where the 4G security cameras are installed, good day and night vision of IP cameras over 3G/4G is a must for you to keep informed of what is happening out there。

Humanoid detection

Humanoid detection means that when the camera detects pedestrians passing by, it will send an alarm. The alarm forms include voice alarm, push back platform and mobile APP, so that you can grasp the information in front of the camera anytime and anywhere.

As everyone knows,  Motion detection is a necessary function in traditional monitoring;But the problem with motion detection is very clear,  An alarm is triggered when a moving target is detected and a small insect or leaf is blown by the wind;   The rate of false positives is very high;

In most monitoring application scenarios, the movement of “Human shape” in the picture is often the focus of monitoring;

So , more intelligent “humanoid detection” function came into being;

Our  XONZ  Team  not only  create this feature and adoption this new tech,  but also made it perfect to configuration in the 4G running environment;

Human detection can be using for intelligent detection of humanoid ;

The alarm will only be triggered when the person enters the alarm area;The movement of an animal or object does not alarm;

Perfect solution to the traditional motion detection function under any wind will produce false alarm.


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