Face recognition system

Outdoor face recognition camera & NVR security equipment; indoor multi face recognition software system  

What is Face Detection? The definition of face detection refers to computer technology that is able to identify the presence of people’s faces within digital images. In order to work, face detection applications use machine learning and formulas known as algorithms to detecting human faces within larger images.


Face recognition describes a biometric technology that goes way beyond recognizing when a human face is present. It actually attempts to establish whose face it is. The process works using a computer application that captures a digital image of an individual’s face (sometimes taken from a video frame) and compares it to images in a database of stored records. While facial recognition isn’t 100% accurate, it can very accurately determine when there is a strong chance that an person’s face matches someone in the database.

There are lots of applications of face recognition. Face recognition is already being used to unlock phones and specific applications. Face recognition is also used for biometric surveillance. Banks, retail stores, stadiums, airports and other facilities use facial recognition to reduce crime and prevent violence