4G Cameras

4G security cameras, also called 4G  security cameras, are the mobile monitoring cameras that use 4G LTE network to deliver live viewing and send instant alerts. (Similarly, 2g/3g security cameras refer to the ones with 2g/3g network connectivity ,

As the above definition indicates, 4G cellular-based CCTV cameras require a separate mobile service plan to work. And the cellular data consumption of 4G IP cameras varies, depending on how many times you watch live streaming, receive motion detection alarms, etc.

1.There are more benefits of 4G outdoor & indoor security cameras; No WiFi & Power Needed; 100% wire-free;  Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered; 1080p Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere. The battery powered or solar powered 4G security cameras free you from the messy cables, saving you the cost to run wires and maintaining the original décor of your property.

The initial cost the 4G security cameras might be a little high, but it would not be much of an issue considering the expenditures they have saved to set up Internet connection and run wires in your no-network property。Easy to install and move. The plug and play 4G CCTV camera systems no longer require you to climb through attics or fish wires through ceilings and walls. You are also free to take and reposition the 4G LTE security cameras as you wishand versatile of the 4G video cameras can work almost anywhere within the 4G cellular network. And they can function as normal even in case of power outages.

So you are free to expand or update your 4G camera systems by adding more cameras in your desired locations;

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