Statistics show that more than 90% of crimes take place under the condition of dim light, the camera imaging effect in the low-light environment becomes the public concern. Gradually low illumination and starlight cameras are becoming more and more popular in China. But according feedback from different customer overseas, some area even don’t have concept of starlight camera, even in China, starlight camera is already widely used. Today i am here to share some basic knowledge about starlight camera.

Traditional camera night vision is black and white, when the sun goes down, light become weak, IR cut switch to night time mode, black and white. You can see video image becomes black and white, just like old TV used in China 80 years ago.


And we use iPhone to take a picture for same image, you can only see bellowing image. It is a little dark, right?

Then we use starlight camera with IMX307 sensor, we see bellowing image quality. Colorful and clear image quality, just like day time. For starlight camera will need to use starlight lens, so starlight effect can show fully.

We change to higher quality starlight lens, image quality gets better, we have bellowing super starlight effect image. So lens is very important to cameras, if you choose good quality lens, image quality will be better. So starlight camera will show colorful and clear image effect during night time,night as day!

How to distinguish starlight camera from hardware parts?

Starlight cameras can easily distinguish via sensor, and lens.Need use starlight sensor and starlight lens. Of course, starlight sensor chipset and starlight will be more expensive than common chipset and lens.

What sensors are starlight sensor?

Now 2Mp starlight camera is most popular in the market, 2MP starlight sensor have SONY307 and SONY291,super low illumination.
In the market, some people use common sensor to make starlight camera by adding led light to save camera cost, but real starlight camera not need add any led light, and image quality will be much better.

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Feel free to share your opinions with us about starlight camera.


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