With the continuous development of video surveillance technology, there is a growing number of monitoring personnel. For newcomers who have just joined the industry,what should be noted in the security protection of the cameras during the installation?

1. Installation height

The installation height of the surveillance camera should not be too low, to prevent malicious damage by others; nor too high, since it is not convenient for future maintenance.
It is recommended that the installation height be three or four meters so that it can be reached by stepping on a ladder.
XONZ CCTV cameras are widely exported to various countries, protecting the streets and lanes with the installations by professional installers.


2. installation angle

One should also pay attention to the angle problem in surveillance camera installation. For ordinary cameras without wide dynamic function, direct light source should be avoided, and it is best not to install backlight. The surveillance camera must be securely fixed during installation to prevent camera shake. it’s best to choose an outdoor special bracket for outdoor cameras to improve the wind resistance coefficient. XONZ Outdoor surveillance cameras come with special bracket, making outdoor installation much safer.

3. Electricity safety

The surveillance camera needs to be powered separately. When performing strong electrical wiring, you should also pay attention to safety. It can be tested with a multimeter and a test pencil to ensure that the power is turned off To install outdoor surveillance cameras, it is best to purchase waterproof surveillance cameras. It is best to purchase a network surveillance camera with a waterproof tail. Alternatively, install a small waterproof case under the surveillance camera and place the power supply and connectors in a waterproof case.

4. Pay attention to lightening protection in wild environments

In areas prone to lightning strikes, surveillance cameras must be protected. Video lightning protection modules, power modules, can be used of this purpose.

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