Face recognition technology is widely used in People’s Daily life;

1.Airport security;

2.Retail sector ;supermarket,

3.Law enforcement: criminal identification,

4.Phone Security

5.Online payment 。



Facial recognition offers more benefits over other biometric methods of

several present day applications of face recognition and how it is enabling people ;


You are used to unlocking your door with a key, but maybe not with your face. As strange as it sounds, our physical appearances can now verify payments, grant access and improve existing security systems. Protecting physical and digital possessions is a universal concern which benefits everyone, unless you re a cybercriminal or a kleptomaniac of course. Facial recognition are gradually being applied to more industries, disrupting design, manufacturing, construction, law enforcement and healthcare. How is facial recognition software affecting these different sectors,

Facial recognition is being used in many businesses,

Current society why many businesses want payments to be easy. Online shopping and contactless cards are just two examples that demonstrate the seamlessness of postmodern purchases. With Face Detection Tech, however, customers wouldn t even need their cards.

Chinese e-commerce companies Alibaba and alipay, which are planning to use the software in online shopping, are examples of success.


2.Access control:

Access control is an important measure in laying physical and logical security. It makes sure than no one other than an authorized individual can access a controlled area. This secure area may be a physical facility eg a server room or a digital one, eg a server in that room that requires facial scan to unlock.

Now almost all mobile and computing devices come fitted with a camera, even those that do not offer a fingerprint sensor. This universality of digital camera on mobile and computing devices can be used to setup facial recognition for device security. Popular operating systems are now offering inbuilt ability for facial recognition.

As of late 2017, China has deployed facial recognition and artificial intelligence technology in Xinjiang. Reporters visiting the region found surveillance cameras installed every hundred meters or so in several cities, as well as facial recognition checkpoints at areas like gas stations, shopping centers, and mosque entrances;

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